In 1991 I started formulating a plan to open my own art gallery and frame design center. My passion and appreciation of all types of artwork created a desire to share the talent of many varied artists and create a space to highlight these talents. Custom framing gave me a space to explore creatively working with color, textures, layout and the myriad of framing products available in today’s market. A painting or print, a child’s drawing, a photo or a group of memorable items all have endless possibilities in frame design. Unlocking the right combination of framing elements to highlight and preserve these precious items is a rewarding and creative challenge I enjoy. After some construction delays I finally opened Riverwood Gallery in the spring of 1992 in the Chippewa Valley and city of Eau Claire, WI where the rivers and the woods have played a historic importance to this area.

I have enjoyed working with many wonderful customers over the years. I have watched as your families have grown through your photos and art projects. I have started framing for your children as they move out and start their own families. Even some of you that have moved away still send me your items for framing. I appreciate your loyalty. Many of you really have become friends and cherished part of the Riverwood family. New to the area or maybe thinking of new artwork or a framing project for the first time? I hope you can stop in and visit, look around and explore... see what Riverwood is about. There is always room for more in our “family”. – Charles Kersten